By Rabbi Moshe Bamberger (Author) Rabbi Nosson Scherman (Introduction)

Hallel / Song of Praise and Thanksgiving

By Rabbi Moshe Bamberger (Author) Rabbi Nosson Scherman (Introduction)

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This is a volume you will turn to for insights and understanding throughout the year. Why is Hallel recited on certain festivals and not others? Why sometimes "Half-Hallel"? Are women obligated to say Hallel? Do personal miracles warrant Hallel?

In addition to discussing the historical origins of Hallel, its use in the Holy Temple of Jerusalem, and the structure and rituals of its recitation, Rabbi Moshe Bamberger illuminates the meaning of its verses, and clearly conveys its laws. Drawing upon classic sources and commentaries, with thorough citations, he provides the reader with clear understanding as well as inspirational thought.

An authoritative reference and an enlightening "read through" book, Rabbi Bamberger's close-up view of Hallel will forever change the way you say this familiar and meaningful prayer.

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