By A. Shalom (Author) Tova Katz (Illustrator)

Keeper of the Crown

By A. Shalom (Author) Tova Katz (Illustrator)

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A gripping new novel, Keeper of the Crown is set in Baghdad, Iraq. The year is 1936, a period of upheaval, and anti-Jewish riots are sweeping the city. Jacob Matalon decides he must attempt to send his daughter, twelve-year-old Masuda, far from the dangers surrounding them. He arranges for his Iraqi neighbor, Mrs. Faraj, to dress Masuda as a non-Jew and accompany her to the safer city of Aleppo, to be protected there by her uncle.

But should Masuda trust her scheming neighbor? Taking courage, she escapes from Mrs. Faraj, and her adventure begins! With her astute resourcefulness and bolstered by her strong Jewish faith, the girl manages to find her way to Aleppo ù only to be caught up in life-threatening plot. Through clever detective work and bold action, she discovers the secret connections between a mysterious ring, a suspicious European Jew and an ancient Sefer Torah.

True to her Sephardic heritage, Mrs. Shalom ù author of Through the Flames of Aleppo ù faithfully recreates the Jewish experience in Arab countries.

The color, flavor and rich culture of these exotic lands come alive through her inspired pen. This heart-thumping, electrifying adventure will be treasured by readers ages 10-14 (and donÆt be surprised if their parents canÆt put it down either!).

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Published By : ArtScroll Mesorah Publications
Release Date : 08/26/2003
Size : Oversized
Age Range: Childrens - 8 - 10
Language: English
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