By Rabbi Yaakov Fruchter (Author)

Best Of Olomeinu - Series 2: Stories For All Year 'Round

By Rabbi Yaakov Fruchter (Author)

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The stories published monthly in the pages of Olomeinu/Our World magazine have been favorites of young readers for three generations. Parents and educators trust its publisher, Torah Umesorah, The National Society for Hebrew Day Schools, to provide wholesome, meaningful stories for their children. Edited by Rabbi Yaakov Fruchter, each story reflects Torah UmesorahÆs commitment to imbuing every Jewish child with Jewish faith and values. More than two decades ago, the first series of The Best of Olomeinu began publication, and it sold nearly 85,000 copies!

This book is the first of a second series, featuring many more of OlomeinuÆs best stories. Some are thrilling and suspenseful; others are warm and funny. Children of all ages will read the beautifully illustrated stories in this volume again and again. Illustrated by Tova Katz.

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Catalog # BO1H
ISBN-10 : 1578193982
ISBN # : 9781578193981
Format : Hardcover
Pages : 136
Dimensions : 7 x 9 x 0.563 inches
Weight: 1.1 LBS
Published By : Artscroll Torah U'Mesorah Pub
Release Date : 06/18/2003
Size : Oversized
Age Range: Childrens - 10 - 12
Language: English
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