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By M. Manuel Merzon (Author) Rabbi Hillel L. Yarmove (Compiled by) Gary Torgow (Editor) Rabbi Berel Wein (Foreword by)

Raising the Bar

The Collected Writings of the Chosson Torah, M. Manuel Merzon
By M. Manuel Merzon (Author) Rabbi Hillel L. Yarmove (Compiled by) Gary Torgow (Editor) Rabbi Berel Wein (Foreword by)

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My cousin Manuel Merzon, was an exemplary Jew and human being. He was a true "Chosson Torah." Small in physical stature, quiet in demeanor, seemingly retiring in manner, he was a giant of a person of iron will and divine purpose who persevered and won the ultimate battle of life, being blessed with outstandingly Jewish children and grandchildren and great-grandchildren. His beloved grandson, Gary Torgow, an outstanding Jewish leader and person in his own right, has collected his grandfather's thoughts and organized them in this book form. Read Gary's introduction to the book and you will feel the greatness of Manuel Merzon and perhaps, even more importantly, the flow of Jewish love that passes between generations through the conduit of Torah life.

The greatness of Torah is that it is a never-ending study. There is no end to the insights and lessons to be derived from Torah. The chain of Torah is eternal. Every Jew has his contribution to make to the eternal lesson of Torah. In the pages of this book you will find the ideas and insights of a loyal and pious son of Israel on the weekly portions of the Torah. By reading his words, I am certain that you will find inspiration and intelligence. But you will also find room for your own thoughts and interpretations. Thus you will further Manuel Merzon's ultimate purpose, the purpose of all Jews - to enhance the Torah and make it even more glorious.

รน from the Foreword, by Rabbi Berel Wein

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