By Max Anteby (Author)

The Jewish Theory of Everything

A behind-the-scenes look at the world
By Max Anteby (Author)

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How come some people are givers and others are takers?
Why is gravity not just a good idea, it's also the law?
If God wants us to be happy, why do babies teethe?
What key element will help you get the most out of life?

This book will challenge, amaze and amuse you as you discover the answers to these and many other deep and not-so-deep questions. Author Max Anteby has traveled throughout North America asking and answering questions for the past six years. As Senior International Lecturer for Aish HaTorah/Discovery, his inimitable blend of humor, insight and Jewish perspective has intrigued and entertained thousands of people in over 50 cities.

Take a look behind the scenes at the Theory of Everything -- the Unifying Force that makes everything in the universe tick. ItÆs fun, itÆs fascinatingàand it might be the most important book youÆll read all year!

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Format : Hardcover
Pages : 190
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Published By : ArtScroll Shaar Press
Release Date : 08/30/2002
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