By Rabbi Avrhohom Ehrman (Author)

The Laws of Interpersonal Relationships (formerly entitled "Journey to Virtue")

Practical applications in business, home and society
By Rabbi Avrhohom Ehrman (Author)

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People sometimes overlook the fact that the Torah offers laws and guidelines for proper interpersonal relations that inform every aspect of our day.

Rabbi Avrohom Ehrman, a distinguished Torah scholar, wrote Halichos Olam, to clarify and disseminate the frequently overlooked laws that regulate human interactions. The Laws of Interpersonal Relationships now presents this important work to the English-speaking public.

The topics are realistic and familiar. For example: When do your needs come before those of others? How can you get along with your contentious neighbor? What business practices constitute coercion?

An excellent exposition of these halachos, the book systematically discusses the laws that guarantee a harmonious, humane and ethical society. Wouldn't the world be a more peaceful place if everyone studied and practiced these Torah laws?

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