By Malia Panzer (Author)

The Way I See It (Hardcover)

The true and inspiring story of a young womans valiant battle against a life-threatening illness
By Malia Panzer (Author)

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Malia Panzer, a young, vibrant wife and mother, never thought of herself as an especially brave person. Great spiritual might and physical fortitude belong to heroes, she believed, not to the ordinary person. But when Malia was told that she faced leukemia, the challenge evoked a strength she never knew she had.

Suddenly her world turned into the nightmare everyone fears: she was traveling a seemingly endless road, beset by medical tests, diagnoses, doctors, therapies and surgery. Yet Malia was able to summon the enormous faith with which she had been raised to keep her spirits buoyant. Somehow, she was able note only to maintain her faith in the goodness of her Creator, but also to uplift her own loving family and friends.

To write this book, she had to relive all of the searing episodes of her long illness in her mind, and then select the salient moments to share with her reader. Though it was a painful process, she felt it was worth it - for the courage she found is so precious that it must be passed on to others.

Anyone who knows a victim of disease - or is, in fact, personally struggling with threatening circumstances - will be encouraged by the shining example set by this young woman. Malia speaks to us in her own words, without rancor, without self-righteousness and devoid of self-pity. Secure in her belief, she projects optimism and hope that shines straight into our hearts.

Most people will never experience the agonies Malia endured, yet through her valiant outlook on life, we are all better prepared for any challenge that may come our way.

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Release Date : 06/18/2002
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