By Rabbi Nosson Scherman (Author)

Machzor Transliterated: Full Size Rosh Hashanah Ashkenaz Seif Ed Alligator (Leather Alligator)

By Rabbi Nosson Scherman (Author)

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"SH'MA YISRO-AYL." If you can read this, you can pray in Hebrew. The Seif Edition ArtScroll Transliterated Linear Machzor is now available for Rosh Hashanah. Understand the Dots, Vowels and Cantillations. Can't read Hebrew yet? - It's for you! Want the translation in front of you, phrase by phrase? Want it all, including an ArtScroll commentary? Want a Machzor to introduce your friends to Judaism? Want illuminating essays on every part of the prayers? Want clear instructions as the prayers proceed? Then this Machzor is for you! This Machzor has the crisp, clean, creative ArtScroll typeface and layout. The transliteration follows the Orthodox Union's phenomenally successful NCSY formula. The translation is from - and the commentary distills the best of - ArtScroll's classic Machzor. New introductory essays by Rabbi Benjamin Yudin exemplify his unique blend of scholarship and warmth.This is a Machzor that belongs in every household and synagogue - especially those with open arms to people who are sincerely searching for their Jewish roots. With the Seif Edition Machzor in their hands, no guests need ever feel like strangers in an Orthodox shul. See it. Try it. You'll want to have it. And you should!

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Catalog # SMRALA
ISBN-10 : 1578199506
ISBN # : 9781578199501
Format : Leather Alligator
Pages : 970
Dimensions : 5.125 x 8.125 inches
Weight: 1.95 LBS
Published By : ArtScroll Mesorah Publications
Release Date : 08/28/2000
Prayer Book Type: Transliterated
Prayer Book Nusach: Ashkenaz
Size : Full Size
Color: Alligator
Language: Hebrew/English

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