By Rabbi Yechiel Spero (Author)

The Eternal Wisdom of Pirkei Avos

Bringing Its Message Into Your Life
By Rabbi Yechiel Spero (Author)

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It's Your Life. Live It Well. Let "Avos" Show You How.

  • Shidduch not working out and you are SO upset. Take a hint how to behave from Rav Chaim Volozhin, who learned it from Rabban Gamliel -- in Pirkei Avos.
  • It's just one of those days when nothing goes right for you. Time to read about the cheder rebbe who lost the $10,000 he’d borrowed for his child’s wedding, but who did not lose his temper or composure, because of something he'd learned from Ben Azai - in Pirkei Avos.
  • You try and you try and you try ... and you don't succeed in learning. See what the Steipler had to say to a struggling bachur and how Rabbi Chalafta ben Dosa solved the problem - in Pirkei Avos.

For more than 1000 years , Jews have spent long summer Shabbos afternoons studying the holy words of Pirkei Avos. Amazingly, the wisdom the Tannaim shared with us two millennia ago is still relevant, still contemporary - still guiding us to live the best lives we can.

In The Eternal Wisdom of Pirkei Avos master teacher and storyteller Rabbi Yechiel Spero shares with us an insight, a story, and a takeaway for every mishnah in Pirkei Avos. By combining the brilliant understanding of the Tannaim with stories as contemporary as today, Rabbi Spero offers us a powerful way to bring the messages of Pirkei Avos into our daily challenges and experiences, enhancing our relationships and bringing new, joyful meaning to our lives.

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