By Rabbi Shlomo Landau (Author)


Flashes of Greatness

Stories to Kindle Your Inner Sparks
By Rabbi Shlomo Landau (Author)

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Flashes of Greatness

The campers had a choice for their major trip. Travel in comfort — and leave 5 boys behind. Or squash into a hot school bus – and include everyone. They chose ... greatness.

They are everywhere: little flashes of light illuminating the darkness in the most unexpected places. Flashes of compassion. Of dedication and sacrifice. Of holiness. The flashes of greatness that are created when a Jew makes the right choice — even when that choice is hard.

It was only a small “kabbalah” he took on to enhance his avodas Hashem. And when it became inconvenient, he chose greatness — and saved a life!

Flashes of Greatness
is a collection of nearly 100 mesmerizing stories that showcase these extraordinary and inspiring moments, when ordinary individuals become extraordinary, when they light up our world with acts of courage and kindness.

No one, it seemed, could help the struggling almanah. No one, that is, except R’ Shlomo Zalman Auerbach, during the widow’s encounter with ... greatness.

As you read these varied and wonderful stories, prepare to be moved. Prepare to be inspired. Prepare to witness the flashes of greatness that reside in every one of us.

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