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Teshuva and Tikkun Hammidos Volume 2

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Teshuva and Tikkun Hammidos Volume 2

A 2 CD Set
By Rabbi Yissocher Frand (Author)
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Product Description

Disc One: Teshuvah and Midas HaGevurah
Jews are strong. If we weren't, we would have disappeared centuries ago. How can we harness this strength to lift ourselves to the level of Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur - and to stay there all year? We can't do everything at once - but we can do something at once and stick to it! What? How? Rabbi Frand tells us how to choose the right challenges and win!

Disc Two: Ono'as Devarim - Words That Hurt, Words That Heal
Nothing is sweeter than the right word at the right time. And nothing is more painful than than that "clever" gibe that plunges a verbal knife into someone's pride and dignity. Words can heal and words can hurt. How can we channel the God-given power of speech to work wonders and elevate ourselves and others? Rabbi Frand tells us.

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Product Details

Catalog # FS607D
ISBN #: FS607D
Format: Audio CD
Weight: 0.25 LBS
Published By: Yad Yechiel Institute
Release Date: 09/05/2005

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