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Give an e-Gift Card - it's the perfect gift that lets them pick out exactly what they want.

  • Arrives via email almost instantly
  • Pick one of the preset amounts or enter your own amount ($5 Minimum)
  • Pick the image that you want displayed on your Electronic Gift Card. Either click on the small image or select the image style from the drop down.
  • Change the Quantity if you want more than one gift card with the same amount and information emailed to the recipient.
  • Add the name of who the Gift Card is FROM (optional)
  • Add the name of who you are sending it TO (optional)
  • Add the E-mail Address of who you are sending it to (Requiredl)
  • Add a personalized message (optional)
  • To type Hebrew in the From, To or Message Fields - click on the keyboard icon and select the letters from teh virtual keyboard. You can inter-mix Hebrew and English.
  • Gift Certificates are sold at face value.

The recipient will receive the Email Gift Card via email within a few minutes of placing your order. It will appear as the preview looks on the product page.

The discount in effect at the time of the redemption will be applied to the recipient's purchase, so that the discount becomes part of your gift.

Product Details

Catalog # E-GCERT2
Format : Gift Certificate
Published By : ArtScroll / Mesorah
Max Order Limit : 1