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The Laws Of B'rachos

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The Laws Of B'rachos
A comprehensive exposition of the background and laws of blessings.

By Rabbi Binyomin Forst (Author) Rabbi Aaron D. Twerski (Contribution by) 
List Price: $29.99
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Catalog #: LOBH
ISBN-10: 0899062202
ISBN-13: 9780899062204
Binding: Hardcover / Pages: 423
Dimensions: 6 x 9 inches / Weight: 1.80 LBS
Published: by ArtScroll Mesorah Publications

In Stock?: YES



This is a major work on a complex topic. The laws of blessings are far more involved than any of us realized when our mothers or teachers taught us those first words that sounded so pleasing and amusing to the admiring adults who never tired of listening.

What blessing does one recite on foods that have a variety of recognizable ingredients? When does a tree stop being considered a tree for the purpose of blessings? Under what circumstances can one person's blessing suffice for others as well? If new foods are brought unexpectedly during a meal, is a new blessing required? These are examples of the endless questions that can be asked. This book answers them all, but it goes much further.

As in most areas of Halachah, there are basic concepts underlying the laws. When one masters the concepts, the laws follow logically, because one has the knowledge that flows from understanding. That is the knowledge that enables one to break down a halachic problem to its essentials, and make the correct decision. The authors of this exceptional work do not merely throw facts at the reader, they guide him through the halachic process so that he can help himself when questions arise.

A major service of this volume is a comprehensive list of foods and their blessings. It contains virtually every food whose status presents difficulties - among them many of today's very common "hybrid" varieties, which are composed of combinations of items.

This work is taken essentially fro the highly regarded Pis'chei Halachah, by Rabbi Binyamin Forst, who wrote this book. To his credentials as an authoridy on the subject, he brings the unusual ability to teach and clarify, so that even the young student understands. His collaborator, Rabbi Aaron D. Twerski, a well known figure in Jewish life, contributed a thoughtful, incisive introduction, in the popular ArtScroll tradition.

This book is an important addition to anyone's Torah library. It will remain an authoritative work, as well as a valuable reference, for many years to come.

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Table of Contents


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This book has 31 sample pages. See all pages.

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Table of Contents

Chapter One: The General Principles of B'rachos

  • I. The formal structure of a b'racha
  • II. The recital of the b'racha
  • III. The Name of Hashem
  • IV. Reciting a b'racha in vain - b'racha l'vatala
  • V. The proper intention and respect for a b'racha
  • VI. An interruption between the b'racha and its subject
  • VII. Reciting one hundred b'rachos a day
Chapter Two: The Dinim of Answering Amen
  • I. The proper kavana for answering Amen
  • II. The proper articulation in ansering Amen
  • III. The situations in which one may not answer Amen
Chapter Three: Motzee L'chavairo - Reciting A B'racha To Fulfill The Obligation Of Another Person
  • I. The general principles of sho'meya k'oneh
  • II. Hefsaik - prohibited interruptions
  • III. Arvus, joint responsibility
  • IV. The unique statues of Birchos Ha'nehenin
  • V. Being motzee another in Birchos Hat'filah
Chapter Four: The Dinim Of B'racha Rishona
  • I. When is one required to recite a b'racha rishona?
  • II. The prohibition of eating without a b'racha
Chapter Five: The Proper Sequence Of B'rachos
  • I. The various considerations
  • II. Practical applications - the order of precedence for one who wishes to recite one b'racha on two foods
  • III. Practical applications - the sequence of b'racha for one who wishes to eat two foods with different b'rachos
  • IV. Practical applications - the sequence of b'rachos for one who wishes to eat a fruit and a vegetable
  • V. General rules of kavod ha'bracha
Chapter Six: The Dinim Of Hesach Ha'daas
  • I. What is included in the original b'racha?
  • II. A decision to stopa eating - hesach ha'daas
  • III. A change of Place - shinui makom
Chapter Seven: The Dinim Of Ikar And Tafel
  • I. What constitutes ikar v'tafel
  • II. Determining the ikar
  • III. Limitations of the ikar v'tafel rule
Chapter Eight: The Dinim Of Bircas Mezonos
  • I. The b'racha for baked foods
  • II. K'vias s'udah - eating cake as a meal
  • III. Baked foods which are neither pas nor pas ha'ba b'kisnin
  • IV. Cooked bread
  • V. The proper b'racha for grains
Chapter Nine: The B'rachos Of Fruits And Vegetables
  • I. The definition of p'ri ha'eitz and p'ri ha'adama
  • II. One who reverses the b'rachos
  • III. When do fruits and vegetables require their primary b'racha
  • IV. One who recites a ha'eitz when any of the above conditions are not met
Chapter Ten: The Dinim Of Borei P're Ha'gofen
  • I. What produce of the vine is considered wine?
  • II. The b'racha over wine
Chapter Eleven: Vegetable And Fruit Soups
  • I. Vegetable soups
  • II. Fruit soups
Chapter Twelve: The Dinim Of Bircas Shehakol and The Principles Of Mistaken B'rachos
  • I. The b'racha shehakol
  • II. The halachos pertaining to one who recites a b'racha on a food for which it was not ordained

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