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My Father, My King

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My Father, My King
Connecting with the Creator.

By Rabbi Zelig Pliskin (Author) 
List Price: $25.99
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Catalog #: MYFH
ISBN-10: 0899063152
ISBN-13: 9780899063157
Binding: Hardcover / Pages: 365
Dimensions: 6 x 9 inches / Weight: 1.70 LBS
Published: by ArtScroll Mesorah Publications

In Stock?: YES



“When a person becomes aware of the reality of the Almighty’s existence, he will experience limitless joy. All the pleasures of the world are as nothing compared to the intense pleasure of a person cleaving to his Creator.” (Chazon Ish, Emunah U’ Bitachon 1:9).

My Father, My King enables the reader to become more aware of this reality in all aspects of life. It will help intensify spiritual experiences and elevate the mundane.

We are accustomed to calling G-d Avinu Malkeinu, our Father, our King, but Rabbi Yisroel Salanter emphasized the importance of relating to Him in the singular: “The Creator of the universe is my Father, my King.” Relating to the Creator in this way personalizes your relationship.

Following the pattern of Rabbi Meir (Berachos 17a), Rabbi Zelig Pliskin has presented a comprehensive overview of basic Torah principles from G-d’s perspective. Each section is followed with insights and examples drawn from the author’s extensive teaching and counseling experience. This approach will enlighten both the beginner and the scholar. The result is a book that will be a constant source of inspiration.

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Table of Contents


This book has 14 sample pages. See all pages.

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Table of Contents

  • Acknowledgments
  • Preface
  1. Have a Constant Awareness of your Father, your King
  2. Self-Image
  3. Torah and Torah Study
  4. Love and Respect for Other People
  5. Chesed - Acts of Kindness
  6. Judging People Favorably
  7. Making Peace
  8. Prayer
  9. Shabbos
  10. Lashon Hara (speaking negatively against other people)
  11. Ona'as Devarim (causing pain with words)
  12. Verbal Chesed (kindness)
  13. Every Life Situation Is a Test
  14. Realize that All that G-d Causes To Happen in Your Life Is for Your Benefit
  15. Teshuvah - Changing Your Past
  16. Transform Discouragement into Hope and Courage
  17. Freedom from Envy
  18. Joy for the Joy of Others
  19. Freedom from Anger
  20. Learn from Every Person You Encounter
  21. Honor Your Parents
  22. Approval Seeking
  23. According to the Difficulty Is the Reward
  24. Berachos (Blessings)
  25. Seeking, Hearing, Walking, Talking
  26. Eating
  27. Breathing
  28. Life
  29. Mezuzah
  30. Self-Mastery
  31. Knowledge, Mind, and Brain
  32. Taste and Smell
  33. Worry
  34. Fear
  35. Clothing
  36. Loving Criticism
  37. Change
  38. Shema Yisrael
  39. Mistakes
  40. Choices
  41. Amen
  42. "I Am Always withYou"
  43. Know that You Don't Know
  44. You Are a Soul
  45. Laughter
  46. Moving Your Hands
  47. Music
  48. Hear My Voice
  49. Healing
  50. Miracles
  51. Money
  52. Joy for Mitzvos
  53. Time
  54. Humility
  55. Lift Up Your Eyes
  56. Dreams
  57. Wherever You Are
  58. Waiting
  59. Why Are You Doing That?
  60. This Moment
  61. Success
  62. Choose Your Path
  63. Procrastination
  64. Praising People
  65. Compassion
  66. Focus on the Outcome
  67. Assertiveness
  68. Take Care of Your Health
  69. The Faults of Others
  70. Running
  71. Bris
  72. Suffering
  73. Cemetery
  74. Animals
  75. Enthusiasm
  76. Place G-d Before You at All Times
  77. Shopping for Food
  78. On Missing a Ride
  79. Patience
  80. Give Me Nachas
  81. Sef-Creation
  82. Before Going To Sleep
  83. Gratitude
  84. Serve Me with All Your Heart
  85. Attending a Wedding
  86. Choose Your Words Carefully
  87. Highest Level of Charity
  88. Truth
  89. Walking To Do Chesed
  90. Hearing About the Positive Deeds and Qualities of Others
  91. On Accomplishing
  92. Measure for Measure
  93. It Is Never Too Late
  94. Teaching Torah
  95. Forgiving
  96. Nutrition
  97. Brushing Your Teeth
  98. Everyone Needs You
  99. "I Have Created the World for You"
  100. Special Days
  101. Save Others from Embarrassment
  102. Contemplating the Destruction of the Beis HaMikdash (Temple)
  103. "I Am Close to All Who Call Me"
  104. Possessions
  105. Smiling
  106. Serving Others
  107. Visualization
  108. Two Types of People
  109. My Plans
  110. Coping With Insults
  111. From My Perspective
  112. Up or Down?
  113. There Is Always a Context
  114. Create Reminders
  115. Selling
  116. Feeling of Importance
  117. Resolutions
  118. You Are a Tourist
  119. At All Times
  • Glossary

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