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Rebbes and Chassidim: What They Said - What They Meant/

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Rebbes and Chassidim: What They Said - What They Meant

By Rabbi Abraham J. Twerski (Author) 
List Price: $9.99
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Catalog #: REBBP
ISBN-10: 1578194806
ISBN-13: 9781578194803
Binding: Paperback / Pages: 238
Dimensions: 5.5 x 6.5 inches / Weight: 0.57 LBS
Published: by Shaar Press

In Stock?: NO


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“The only one you can deceive forever is yourself. But what kind of victory is it to deceive a fool?”

“When there were no roads, you had to stop traveling at night -- so you had time to think, pray, and converse. Nowadays you can travel day and night; there is no peace!”

The world of the Chassidim is full of such pithy, often mysterious, expressions that can be the topic of a long essay. There are no long essays here -- only short, but fascinating observations, based on the comments of “mystics” who were incredibly down to earth and right on target.

Spirituality and Chassidism are “in” these days, but you need someone who understands their world and their terminology. Someone who can navigate their sayings and apply them to our life.

That “someone” is Rabbi Abraham J. Twerski M.D. -- and in this book we have the good fortune to enjoy him as he combines both worlds.

He is a master thinker, writer, and communicator. He has proven it in thirty books (so far) -- and in this one he is at the height of his powers.

Abraham J. Twerski M.D. is a psychiatrist and ordained rabbi. He is the founder of the Gateway Rehabilitation Center in Pittsburgh, a leading center for addiction treatment, and Associate Professor of Psychiatry at the University of Pittsburgh School of Medicine. A prolific author on a variety of topics, Dr. Twerski has written four books in collaboration with the late Charles Schultz, creator of Peanuts.

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Table of Contents


    1. What Price Progress?
    2. Here and There
    3. The Folly of Deception
    4. Repentance
    5. Empathy
    6. The Uniqueness of Man
    7. Meditation
    8. Heartfelt Prayer
    9. Self-flagellation Is Not Repentance
    10. Attitude Can Influence Perception
    11. The Gift of Truth
    12. The Most Important Thing
    13. The Paradise Within
    14. To Be a Yehudi
    15. Bitter Medicine is for the Good
    16. There is Hope in Darkness
    17. Do Not Let Obstacles Hinder You
    18. The Greater Shall Serve the Lesser
    19. Living Is Striving for Perfection
    20. Pure Gold Shines Brightly
    21. No Sin Is Intentional
    22. Levels of Exile
    23. Principal and Subordinate
    24. Confession
    25. One Must Prioritize
    26. Passion of Torah
    27. Unquestioned Obedience
    28. Ascending or Descending
    29. Nothing But G-dliness
    30. A Preemptive Strike Is Most Effective
    31. Beware of False Piety
    32. Anyone May Save a Life
    33. No Titles Necessary
    34. Everything Can Be Rectified
    35. Humility Is the Source of Devotion
    36. The Mean May Not Be the Midpoint
    37. Let G-d In
    38. The Cause of Dejection
    39. The Seeking Is the Finding
    40. Becoming Rather than Being
    41. Do Not Distort the Commandments
    42. Cause and Effect
    43. The Nature of the Earth
    44. True Enlightenment
    45. Lasting Gratification
    46. The New Venture
    47. The Source of Illness
    48. Appreciation of Yom Kippur
    49. What Can Surpass Sinai?
    50. Everything in Prayer Is a Prayer
    51. Needs and Wants
    52. Reaction to Stress
    53. Totally Immersed
    54. An Integral Part of the Whole
    55. What Is Really Valuable?
    56. Birds of a Feather
    57. Retain Your Individuality
    58. Truth Is all Powerful
    59. The Ubiquitous Enemy
    60. The Calendar of Deeds
    61. Scrutinize Your Truthfulness
    62. Constant Renewal
    63. The Unique Mission
    64. The Definition of Man
    65. Uninterrupted Contact With G-d
    66. To Be Ever Alert
    67. To Be Convincing
    68. If At First You Do Not Succeed, Try Again
    69. Remove the Barriers
    70. One Good Trait Is Worth a Thousand Miracles
    71. Excess Wealth Can Be Destructive
    72. When Angels Lie
    73. A Topsy-turvy World
    74. The Supremacy of Repentance
    75. Guidance From the Elderly
    76. Sin Begets Sin
    77. Be Aware of Your Neighbor's Dignity
    78. The Sanctuary Within
    79. The Tzaddik's Wish
    80. Insensitivity
    81. A Prayer for Prayer
    82. Retaining One's Youth
    83. Total Dependence on G-d
    84. The Barriers Are Internal
    85. Unselfish Happiness
    86. Give Because It Is a Mitzvah
    87. Who Shall Ascend to the Mountain of G-d?
    88. Achieving Brotherhood
    89. Proper Humility
    90. Fear of Paradise
    91. Healing the Brokenhearted
    92. Indifference to Evil
    93. The Ego Is a Barrier
    94. Learn From Everyone
    95. Piety Requires Caution
    96. Declining Acclaim
    97. Deserving to Praise G-d
    98. Let G-d Run the World
    99. The Blessing of Peace
    100. Masters of Our Traits
    101. We Convey Our Attitudes
    102. Make His Will Your Will
    103. The Divine Plan Will Prevail
    104. The Leader Is as Strong as His Followers
    105. An Unusual Opportunity
    106. On the Heart or in the Heart
    107. The Danger of Denial
    108. The Folly of Blame
    109. Someone Who Has Been There
    110. Do Not Focus on the Reward
    111. The Sign of Forgiveness
    112. What Do We Take Along?

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