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The ArtScroll Hebrew English Smart Siddur - Wasserman Edition Weekday Ashkenaz (Apple/Android) (Smart Siddur App Ashkenaz)

List Price: $9.99
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RustyBrick Siddur Owners - you can upgrade to the ArtScroll Smart Siddur for a highly reduced price. This special upgrade can only be purchased from within the ArtScroll Digital Library - open the app - Tap on Menu > Store - Go to Wasserman Siddur Section and follow the upgrade instructions.

For a generation, the original ArtScroll Siddur has been the unchallenged Siddur of choice across the English-speaking world.

The new, expanded ArtScroll Siddur inaugurated a new era of excellence, beauty, user friendliness, and added features. It had the same classic ArtScroll "look" that enabled you to retain the original ArtScroll Siddur while upgrading to the Siddur that will be the standard for the next generation.

NOW we have transformed the ArtScroll Wasserman Edition Siddur into a Fully Digital Smart Siddur!

  • ArtScroll's classic look and feel: the fonts, layout, and nikud of the ArtScroll Wasserman Siddur
  • Tap on a phrase and you get the ArtScroll translation, commentary and sources
  • Hundreds of Hyperlinks to Laws and references in the commentary
  • Enlarge the font size and still keep the classic ArtScroll format
  • Includes weekday Torah readings with phrase-by-phrase translation
  • Synchronized Scrolling so you don't lose your place

But now the World's Best Selling Siddur is the World's Smartest Siddur!

  • The ArtScroll Smart Siddur knows where you are and what the date is and dynamically changes to show you just what you need to see for that day
  • No more reading instructions and "Grey Boxes" to figure out what to say - the Smart Siddur can look like the Printed Siddur - but in smart mode all the you see is what you need to! All time bound insertions show up in blue so you wont miss them.
  • With dynamic rules for Chanukah, Purim, Hallel, Rosh Chodesh, Proper Torah Reading, Erev Rosh Hashana, Sefirah, Tachanun, Fast Days, Days of Repentance, Chol Hamoed, Erev Shabbos, Erev Yom Kippur, Motzai Shabbos, Yom Kippur Katan, Bahab and dozens of additional dynamic changes.
  • The Smart Table of Contents - shows you just the prayers that are for that day and time. Or toggle to SHOW ALL and see everything in the Siddur
  • Our Smart Repetition Feature will suppress all the portions of Shemonah Esrei that are only said by the Chazzan or during the repetition
  • Minyan/No Minyan setting will suppress the portions of the prayers that are not said without a minyan
  • House of Mourning Settings for changes to the prayers in a house of mourning.
  • Chazzan Mode - Highlights the sections that the Chazan says
  • Set your location to Eretz Yisrael or Yerushalayim and receive the appropriate prayers and customs for Israel and the Holidays.

Customize the Siddur with your personal settings, that control how you want to use it.

  • Turn the instructions on and off
  • Control how optional prayers appear
  • Change the font style
  • Keep a Dynamic Misheberach list that appears in Shemonah Esrei
  • Have the Verse for Your name dynamically appear in Shemonah Esrei
  • Vertical Scrolling or regular pagination
  • Adjust the navigation to be top or bottom or for Right/Left Handed operation

PLUS These Exclusive Features

  • The Search function allows you to instantly find any phrase in the Siddur
  • Put in personal notes, highlight text and Bookmark Selections and add ribbons.
  • The commentary has every Reference to the Talmud Hyperlinked to the Schottenstein Talmud - for in-depth study
  • Having trouble finding the place - navigate the Smart Siddur by using the Printed ArtScroll Page Numbers

Plus These RustyBrick Features

  • Zmanim - Get all the important Zmanim for your current location or other saved locations
  • Luach and Events - Keep track of special dates and events. Sync with iCal. Built in Daf Yomi Calendar
  • Minyanim - Find the Minyanim that are close to you
  • Misheberach Lists - Private and Public lists that can appear in your prayers and in other peoples Siddurim
  • Verses for Names - Enter your Hebrew name and your Verse will appear in Shemonah Esrei
  • Map - See everyone who is using the Siddur around the world
  • Mizrach and Tefillin Mirror

The Wasserman Siddur Contains this Additional Content:

  • An original new Overview
  • Yom Kippur Kattan
  • Megillas Esther, Ruth and Koheles - with Phrase by Phrase Translation
  • Perek Shirah
  • Six Constant Mitzvos
  • Iggeres HaRamban
  • Prayer of the Holy Sh'lah
  • Prayer at the Holy places in Israel
  • A new special section: The Laws, Customs, and Prayers in the Land of Israel

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Catalog # SAEEI
ISBN-10 : 1422615553
ISBN # : 9781422615553
Format : App Digital Library
Published By : ArtScroll Mesorah Publications
Max Order Limit : 1
Prayer Book Type: Hebrew/English
Prayer Book Nusach: Ashkenaz
Language: Hebrew/English
Kindle Version: 152
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