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By Rabbi Yonah Weinrib (Author)

The Illuminated Torah - Sefer Bereishis / The Book of Genesis

By Rabbi Yonah Weinrib (Author)

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The illuminations are breathtakingly beautiful... The calligraphy and micrography are exacting... The commentary is profound and inspiring... A magnificent new art edition by renowned Judaica artist Rabbi Yonah Weinrib

ArtScroll/Mesorah Publications is proud to release this unprecedented artistic endeavor, writing another new and exciting chapter in the annals of manuscript illumination. His masterpiece on Sefer Bereisheet captures the awesome beauty of the Days of Creation, the devastation of the Mabul and the Tower of Babel, the trials and life of Abraham, the lives of the Patriarchs and the establishment of the Twelve Tribes of Israel. The text comes alive with brilliant and creative imagery, enhanced by profound messages culled from the Midrash and hundreds of years of traditional commentary.

  • Over 500 pages of art, research, commentary and insights

  • Complete English translation of the text with profound Midrashic commentary explaining all the nuances in the art

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Catalog # WTO1H
ISBN-10 : 1422611124
ISBN # : 9781422611128
Format : Hardcover
Dimensions : 9 x 12 inches
Weight: 5.1 LBS
Published By : Artscroll Judaica Illumination
Release Date : 10/15/2011
Size : Coffee Table
Language: Hebrew/English
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