-- Chapter from Shabbos With Bina, Benny, and Chaggai Hayonah -- A Day Called Shabbos Chapter from Shabbos With Bina, Benny, and Chaggai Hayonah -- A Day Called Shabbos
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  Chapter 1 from
Shabbos With Bina, Benny, and Chaggai Hayonah

By Yaffa Ganz  Liat Benyaminy Ariel 

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A Day Called Shabbos

SHALOM! My name is Chaggai Hayonah – Chaggai the Holiday Dove. I’ve come to tell you about the most important day in the week – the day that changed the world! It’s called Shabbos!

Shabbos isn’t just the end of the week. It’s the day when Hashem finished creating the world. It’s a different kind of day, unlike any other. G–d blessed the seventh day and made it holy. That’s why we call it Shabbos Kodesh – the Holy Sabbath.

When G–d chose us as His people and gave us His mitzvos, He gave us Shabbos as a special gift.

When Hashem made the world,

He gave each day of the week a partner.

The first and second days were a pair;

the third and fourth days went together;

the fifth and six days were mates.

Only Shabbos stood alone.

Shabbos complained to G–d.

“Every day except me has a companion,” she said.

“The Jews will be your companion,” answered G–d.

And from then on, Shabbos and the Jewish people would become one.

As long as the Jewish people keep and guard the Shabbos, Shabbos keeps and guards the Jewish people.

Shabbos is an Os Bris -- a Sign of the Covenant between Hashem and the Jewish people. On Shabbos, every Jew becomes a king or a queen.

© Copyright 2008. All rights reserved.