By Doni Gross Productions (Producer)

Uncle Moishy - We Are So Special! (CD)

By Doni Gross Productions (Producer)

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Listen to a sampler of the new We Are Special! CD

This fabulous album produced by the multi-talented DONI GROSS and starring our longtime favorite uncle we grew up on, UNCLE MOISHY, is filled with mega, musical arrangements and incredible, upbeat songs.

Including 11 tracks of today’s popular songs, with new lyrics written by Chayala Neuhaus and Perry Binet, it is a fun, exciting, powerful, and educational album with beautiful jewish concepts for everyone. It’s all about instilling the positivity and love for mitzvos and enjoying to do so. And most importantly, it leaves all with the awesome feeling of WE ARE SO SPECIAL!

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Catalog # UMWASD
ISBN-10 : 1422627942
ISBN # : 9781422627945
Format : Audio CD
Weight: 0.55 LBS
Release Date : 02/18/2021
Age Range: Childrens - 1 - 5