By Rabbi Shimon Schwab (Author)

The Rav Schwab Haggadah

From the shiurim and writings of Rabbi Shimon Schwab
By Rabbi Shimon Schwab (Author)

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Spend Seder Night with Rav Shimon Schwab zt'l

The Rav Schwab Haggadah provides us with an in-depth view of the Haggadah Shel Pesach through the lens of one of the Gedolei HaRabbanim of our time. Rav Shimon Schwab was renowned for imparting generations of Jews with the foundational principles of emunah, bitachon, yiras Shamayim, emes and ehrlichkeit, as well as for his brilliant and novel Torah thoughts. His teachings reflect a sincerity and love of Hashem and His Torah that is infectious.

The Rav Schwab Haggadah offers a wealth of insights into the basics of emunah, conveyed with great passion and emotion. Rav Schwab's style is clear, fresh, thought-provoking, and always inspiring. This volume is a compendium of commentaries and insights gleaned from the Rav's teachings in Maayan Beis Hashoeva, Rav Schwab on Prayer, and from shiurim, writings, and speeches, as well as from many never-before published kesavim (notes).

Rav Schwab was a Rav for over 65 years in Germany, Baltimore, and New York, as well as a Rosh Beis Din, posek and mechanech par excellence. A product of Yeshiva Rabbi Samson Raphael Hirsch in Frankfurt, Germany, he also gained exposure to the great yeshivos of Eastern-Europe and their style of limud haTorah and mussar. He was a talmid of such pre-war legendary greats as Reb Leizer Yudel Finkel, Rav Yeruchem Levovitz, Rav Chaim Telzer and Rav Yosef Leib Bloch. The result was a magnificent synthesis of both glorious traditions.

The Rav Schwab Haggadah will enrich our Seder, our Pesach, and our lives.

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