NakiRadio Solo

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NakiRadio is the first wifi radio player streaming only pre-approved Jewish channels.



The NakiRadio Solo and Duo have several exclusive hardware advantages:

- Intuitive dual-knob interface
- Improved fast-forward / rewind
- Artwork magnification
- Uses standard batteries
- Same crystal clear you’ve come to expect from NakiRadio in a more portable format

And the real magic is the way-improved NakiRadio experience. We’ve improved all aspects of the software and added features which transform NakiRadio, most notably:

• Station Shuffle: Cycle through station after station with just a click or two
• Story Shuffle: Load 100 stories collected from all over the NakiRadio into one list, which will play from story to story for hours
• Dynamic episode artwork
• Episode lists re-sorted and expanded
• Unified content list
• Much faster loading speeds

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ISBN # : MN310
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