By Yisroel Besser (Author)

Nishmas: Song of the Soul (Full Size Hard Cover)

By Yisroel Besser (Author)

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On Shabbos morning, as the world is wrapped in a blanket of peace and serenity, we are given a gift, the chance to recite a sacred tefillah. Whenever and wherever it’s recited, Nishmas carries the same power and glory, an ode that expreses our deepest emotion, the gratitude and hope and simple joy in being alive.

Across the world, the tefillah has become a precious segulah, a shared treasure, belonging to a nation, but also a private heirloom, property of each individual.

In this volume, for the first time ever in English, Rabbi Yisroel Besser gives us a whole new understanding of the magnificent words of Nishmas, with a sweeping, fresh and contemporary commentary, chock full of enlightening stories and insights that illustrate the many concepts discussed in Nishmas.

With this book, you can join the “Nishmas army,” those committed to saying Nishmas regularly, a concept suggested by Rebbetzin Batsheva Kanievsky, who’d received the tradition from her revered father-in-law, the Steipler Gaon. Reciting Nishmas daily or in times of challenge, they have seen wonders, the secrets of prayer itself hidden within the words of this tefillah, thanksgiving and entreaty merging in every line and phrase.

And aside from salvation, they have experienced a connection with the Master, itself the greatest gift of all and the reason for existence.

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Catalog # NISH
ISBN-10 : 1422627527
ISBN # : 9781422627525
Format : Hardcover
Pages : 144
Dimensions : 6 x 9 x 1.001 inches
Weight: 1 LBS
Published By : ArtScroll Shaar Press
Release Date : 11/26/2020
Size : Standard
Language: Hebrew/English
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