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Being and Becoming/

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Being and Becoming
A guide for better living, parenting and teaching by a veteran educator and therapist

By Dr. Jacob Mermelstein (Author) 
List Price: $18.99
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Catalog #: BEIP
ISBN-10: 1578195055
ISBN-13: 9781578195053
Binding: Paperback / Pages: 300
Dimensions: 6 x 9 inches / Weight: 1.10 LBS
Published: by ArtScroll Mesorah Publications

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Hardcover    $24.99    $22.49  YES

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Everyone wants to know how to raise children. How to teach them. How to advise parents. How to develop teachers. How to understand the art of rearing children, creating stable families, coping with problems -- and even better, avoiding them. The list goes on and on, of course.

In short, everyone needs to know how to deal with issues so delicate and nuanced that only the wisest of counselors will do. This book distills the wisdom and experience of just such a person.

Rabbi Dr. Yaakov Mermelstein is an educator’s educator and a therapist’s therapist. He has had a long and distinguished -- and successful -- career in both professions. He has been a veteran day school and yeshivah principal, followed by many years as a psychologist. The reason for his success? He combines learning, perception, sensitivity, a sense of humor, and the ability to diagnose problems and articulate solutions. He is not doctrinaire; he knows that there are many good ways to deal with children; the trick is to know which way is right for which child, which family, and which situation.

Over the decades of his career, Rabbi Dr. Mermelstein has written prolifically on the topics of his craft, especially the Torah view of mental health and how to strengthen it. In this volume, he collects and updates his many writings. He pulls no punches. The honesty he brought to the classroom and the office are here. His understanding of people and practicality of advice are on every page. He analyzes situations and gives practical solutions -- and that is an important part of his importance to all of us.

This is truly a windfall for anyone who deals with human beings and wants to do it well. It is a valuable contribution to child-rearing and the process of education.

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Table of Contents


  • Teaching and Learning, and "the Need to Be Me"
  • To Be a Teacher
  • For Love of Learning
  • Learning to Love Learning
  • Involvement, Intervention, and Reporting to Parents
  • Intervening Therapeutically
  • Learning, Attitudes, and Relevance
  • Homework
  • Achievement Motivation Reconsidered
  • On the Need for Self-Esteem
  • To Be a Parent: The Whole and the Sum of Its Parts
  • The Quest for Happiness
  • Winners and Losers: Man and His Competitive Existence
  • The Overinvolved Parent: Anxiety and How It Is Learned
  • Balancing Security and Satisfaction
  • Helping Your Child to Cope With Frustration and Anxiety
  • Some Thoughts on Discipline
  • Effective Communication
  • In Defense of Parents
  • Checking Up on Our Children's Mental Health
  • Children Under Pressure
  • The Unhappy Child
  • Your Attention Please!
  • The Stubborn Child
  • The Hyperactive Child
  • Children's Aggressiveness
  • Violence and Your Child
  • Youth in Need of Direction
  • Torah and Mitzvah: Learning, Doing, and Being
  • Living by the Word
  • Piety, Psychopathology, and Parent Power
  • Musings of an Orthodox Psychotherapist
  • Mood and Marriage, and Spiritual Growth
  • Language, Concept Formation, and Hashkafah

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