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Aleph Bet Adventure - on CD-ROM

Aleph Bet Adventure - on CD-ROM

Takes Hebrew Language Learning to a New Level!
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Product Description

An Educational Breakthrough!

The finest program for teaching Hebrew reading to youngsters! Developed in conjunction with leading educators, Alef-Bet Adventure presents a full year's curriculum in Hebrew reading and teaches identification of letters and vowels, reading, and basic vocabulary.

It is very user friendly and flexible-the program even includes a practice page for reading practice of any combination of letters and vowels, and you can print any page from the entire program! The colorful, 3-D graphics, captivating sound, and superb animation will attract and engage youngsters. Yet, behind the flexibility and fun, the program teaches reading in a very organized and systematic way.

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Alef Bet Adventure is divided into three main sections:
1) The Letters
2) The Vowels
3) Words: Reading and Vocabulary

Each of these three sections begins with a Home Page from where you can access any part of that section. Each Letter in the Home Page has five learning sections. Each Vowel in the Home Page has ten learning sections. Each Words learning section has an exercise that follows it.

There are also two bonus sections in this program:
1) The Practice Page, where you can design your own custom practice sheets to review on-screen, or print out.
2) The Vocabulary Section - for quick access to any of the words used in the program, and for easy reading and vocabulary practice.

Unique Teaching Method

The most common approach to teaching Alef Bet is first to teach the names of all the letters, and then to go on to teach the sounds of all the letters, etc. However, this approach can sometimes be confusing to a child, who will find it difficult to remember all the letters at once, without having had the opportunity to really get to know each letter on its own.

Based on the renowned Hebrew reading book "Veshinantam", and on the advice of leading educators, Alef-Bet Adventure has taken a totally different approach. Each of the letters of the Alef Bet is taught individually with five learning sections for each letter by itself. In other words, the program does not continue on to the next letter, until every aspect of each letter has been covered, such as its name, shape and the sound it makes. Also, each letter is reviewed with the previous letters that were taught, and compared with similar letters that were previously learned. Only after the child is fully familiar with the letter, and has reviewed the letter together with all the previous letters, is the program ready to move on to the next letter.

The same systematic structure is followed in the Vowel section of the program. Each of the vowels is presented individually, with ten distinct learning sections for each new vowel taught - each one with its own unique exercise. The program mixes the vowels together with the letters and constantly reviews the old material together with the new. This approach has proven to be extremely helpful in teaching children to learn how to read.

Don't miss this outstanding program!

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System Requirements:

PC with Windows 95/98/ME/NT/2000/XP, 64MB RAM, CD-ROM Drive, Sound Card, Pentium 233 or faster or Macintosh (233 or faster) with System 8.5 or higher, CD-ROM Drive

This item cannot be shipped to Europe and Israel.

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Product Details

Catalog # DVAB
Format: CD-Rom
Weight: 0.3 LBS
Published By: Davka Corporation
Release Date: 10/28/2002

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