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Commuter's Chavrusah Series 26 Shmos Set

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Commuter's Chavrusah Series 26 Shmos Set

10 Lectures Corresponding to the Book of Shmos
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Product Description

10 Lectures:

  • Sh'mos: The Shomer Shabbos vs the Non Shomer Shabbos Doctor - revisited
  • Va'eyra: A Polling Place/AA Meeting In A Bais Avodah Zara -- A Problem?
  • Bo: Hashgacha Pratis -- Divine Providence -- Does It Apply To Everyone?
  • B'shalach: Kol Isha - Listening To A Female Vocalist on the Radio
  • Yisro: Kiddush Shabbos Day - On What? What Do You Say?
  • Mishpatim: Taking State Farm To Beis Din
  • T'rumah: Shul Shortcuts - Does Saying A Pasuk Really Help?
  • Titzaveh: Hashkama Minyan That Heard Parshas Zachor From A Pasul Sefer Torah
  • Ki Sisa: Rinsing Out Your Mouth On A Fast Day
  • Vayakheil / Pikudei: Does The Husband's Early Kabolas Shabbos Affect His Wife?

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Product Details

Catalog # FC262D
ISBN #: FC262D
Format: Audio CD
Weight: 0.75 LBS
Published By: Yad Yechiel Institute
Release Date: 11/22/2013

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