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On Judaism

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On Judaism
Conversations on being Jewish in today's world.

By Rabbi Emanuel Feldman (Author) 
List Price: $25.99
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Catalog #: JUDH
ISBN-10: 089906034X
ISBN-13: 9780899060347
Binding: Hardcover / Pages: 302
Dimensions: 6 x 9 inches / Weight: 1.60 LBS
Published: by Shaar Press

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Have you ever wondered what it means to be a Jew? Why Judaism is still relevant in the modern world? What Judaism says about such topics as faith...covenant...chosen people...ethics...mitzvah observance...kashruth...love...G-d...sin...holiness... pleasure...Shabbos...prayer...Torah...food...countless other matters?

David wondered, too. So he had some probing conversations with his rabbi. David asks the questions you would - the answers will enlighten you and put your mind into high gear.

In these conversations between David and the rabbi, Judaism becomes exciting and stimulating, a joyous adventure of mind and body. It makes demands and offers rewards. And most of all, it is as fresh today as it was thousands of years ago.

With knowledge, erudition, humor, good taste, tolerance, and elegant expression, David's rabbi gives shape and meaning to Judaism. His beginning and end is the Torah and its eternal tradition; his idiom is David's, his setting is our world. To those who think that Judaism is long on ritual and short on logic, the rabbi shows how it is a seamless whole, with the commandments flowing from the central core of faith and values. Far from being other-worldly or esoteric, Judaism is practical and constructive, obsessed only with the mission of perfecting people and their world through service to their Creator.

Especially today, when Jewry is so divided within itself, when both interest in authentic Judaism and estrangement from all its traditional forms are reaching new heights, this work is needed. And it responds to the need. Few books are simultaneously so important, useful, and enjoyable.

About the Author

Rabbi Emanuel Feldman is one of the most respected and successful figures in the history of the American rabbinate. In over thirty-five years in Atlanta, he virtually created one of America's finest Orthodox communities. He is Editor-in-Chief of Tradition, a scholarly quarterly, author of three books and of over a hundred articles in such journals as Saturday Review and The New Republic; former adjunct professor at Emory University Law School; and Senior Lecturer at Bar Ilan University. Author, editor, graceful writer, incisive thinker, and superb commentator - Rabbi Feldman distills a lifetime of accumulated wisdom and experience in this masterful book.

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Table of Contents

This book has 7 sample pages. See all pages.

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Biblical Questions, Spiritual Journeys
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Table of Contents

  • Introduction
    • Teshuvah - The Jew Returns Home
    • God - The Jew Wonders About God
    • Prayer - The Jew Reaches Towards God
    • Torah - The Jew Learns God's Wisdom
    • Holiness - The Jew Sanctifies the Physical
    • Mitzvah - The Jew Directs His Deeds
    • Shabbat - The Jew Discovers Serenity
    • Yom Tov - The Jew Celebrates Holy Days
    • Kashruth - The Jew Enjoys God's Bounty
    • Interpersonal Relationship - The Jew Loves His Neighbor
    • Jews and Non-Jews - The Jew Views the World
    • Epilogue - The Jew Goes and Learns
    • Index

    © Copyright 2008. ArtScroll.com All rights reserved.