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Lag Ba'omer

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Lag Ba'omer
Its observance, laws, and significance. A presentation based on talmudic and traditional sources

By Rabbi Shimon Finkelman (Author) 
List Price: $20.99
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Catalog #: LAGH
ISBN-10: 1578192625
ISBN-13: 9781578192625
Binding: Hardcover / Pages: 193
Dimensions: 6 x 9 inches / Weight: 1.05 LBS
Published: by ArtScroll Mesorah Publications

In Stock?: YES



It is Lag Ba’Omer. Meron in Israel is aflame with joy and festive bonfires, atingle with song and dance, jammed with shoulder-to-shoulder celebrants, and saturated with the piety of pilgrims absorbing the sanctity of Rabbi Shimon bar Yochai’s tomb.

In Jerusalem, or New York -- wherever there are Jews who are loyal to the Torah -- children and their teachers take to the fields with bows and arrows; brides and grooms march to the chuppah; shuls and yeshivos fill to mark the sacred happiness of the day.

What is it about Lag Ba’Omer? What transformed the days of Sefiras Ha’Omer -- the forty-nine days between Pesach and Shavuos -- from happy anticipation to somber mourning? What is the significance of the unusual Omer offering?

In this work, Rabbi ShimonFinkelman brings his breadth and skills to the ArtScroll Holiday Series, as he presents the rich tapestry of Sefiras Ha’Omer and Lag Ba’Omer. Filled with anecdotes and profound insights, this book delves into the history, customs, and lessons of the day and the period, and includes the famous “Bar Yochai” song, with an illuminating translation and commentary.

Rabbi Nosson Scherman’s Overview presents an absorbing hashkafah/philosophical analysis of the many facets of these days and the personalities whose experience has shaped our perceptions for centuries.

That Lag Ba’Omer is a time for weddings and haircuts is known to all -- but the underlying significance of the day, as it is beautifully presented in this book, is known to few. Read. It will be an enriching experience!

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Table of Contents


This book has 14 sample pages. See all pages.

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Table of Contents

An Overview / Rabbi Shimon bar Yochai and the Omer

  • Return to Awareness
  • The Omer Count
  • The Students of Rabbi Akiva
  • Rabbi Shimon bar Yochai
  • Rabbi Shimon's Uniqueness
  • The Days of Sefirah
  • Rabbi Akiva and His Disciples
  • Rabbi Shimon bar Yochai
  • A Light in the Darkness
  • An Awesome, Sanctified Day
  • Meron
  • Upsherin - The First Haircut
Selected Laws and Customs
Teachings of Rabbi Shimon bar Yochai
  • Talmudic and Midrashic Selections
  • Aggadic Accounts
Lag BaOmer Stories
Lag BaOmer Songs
  • Amar Rabbi Akiva
  • Bar Yochai
  • Va'amartem Ko Lechoi
R' Shimon's Praises - A Talmudic and Midrashic Selection
Upsherin (Chalakah) - The First Haircut

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