By Rabbi Yisroel Reisman (Author)

Pathways of the Prophets

A Treasury of Torah Thought and Law; Looking at Ourselves Through the Lens of the Prophets
By Rabbi Yisroel Reisman (Author)

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Based on Rabbi Yisroel Reisman's phenomenally popular weekly shiur,Pathway of the Prophets is a unique blend of Torah wisdom and human insight delivered with the eloquence and wit that have so endeared this master Mechanech and Torah lecturer to the hundreds who regularly attend his shiur - and the many more who share the experience via live broadcast or audiotape.

This masterpiece transfers Rabbi Reisman's wizardry to the printed page.

From the more than eighty fascinating subjects discussed in this book:

  • My Favorite Segulos
  • Lessons for In-Laws
  • Shalom Bayis for Husbands
  • The Great Siddur Controversy
  • Kosher Giraffe Meat
  • The Mystery of the Missing Years
  • Plan B
  • When Rashi is not Rashi
  • Why does the Kallah's family pay for the wedding?
  • Astronomy for Beginners
Prepare to be instructed, inspired, and entertained by the soul-nourishing nuggets served up in this sure-to-be treasured three-part compendium.

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