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More Shabbos Stories/

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More Shabbos Stories
Inspirational stories arranged according to the weekly Torah reading.

By Rabbi Shimon Finkelman (Author) 
List Price: $17.99
Online Discount: 10%
You Pay Only: $16.19

Catalog #: SS2P
ISBN-10: 1578191785
ISBN-13: 9781578191789
Binding: Paperback / Pages: 225
Dimensions: 6 x 9 inches / Weight: 1.00 LBS
Published: by ArtScroll Mesorah Publications

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Hardcover    $24.99    $22.49  YES

Read A Sample Chapter
Parashas Masei


When Rabbi Shimon Finkelman first opened up his classroom and Shabbos table to thousands of readers, the response was electric. His first volume of “Shabbos Stories” immediately became a runaway best-seller -- and deservedly so.

An outstanding teacher and a gifted writer, he knows how to choose a story and how to tell it. In this book he draws upon his rich experience, reservoir of impeccable taste, and familiarity with people of many backgrounds. More Shabbos Stories is filled with good, plentiful, inspirational stories arranged according to the weekly Torah reading. Every Shabbos table is enhanced with an excellent story, so this book (and its predecessor) belongs on your menu.

Are you an adult looking for pleasant and inspiring reading? A teacher trying to add zest to a lesson? A parent seeking to enliven your Shabbos table? A youngster with a curious mind? Then both books are for you!

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Table of Contents

  • Preface Bereishis
    • Bereishis - A Different Perspective
    • Noach - Achieving the Impossible
    • Salvation Through Kindness
    • Lech Lecha - Faith Amid the Darkness
    • Vayeira - A Most Welcome Guest
    • Chayei Sarah - Made in Heaven
    • Toldos - The Power of Prayer
    • The Power of Torah
    • Vayeitzei - Heightened Perceptions
    • An Age-Old Problem
    • Vayishlach - Names
    • Vayeishev - Orchestrated From Above
    • Levels of Trust
    • Mikeitz - The Way of a Jew
    • Vayigash - Not a Moment to Spare
    • Vayechi - Of Prayers and Tears
    • Profitable Partnership
    • Shemos - Sensitivities
    • Va'eira - Two of a Kind
    • Bo - Don't Delay
    • Beshalach - The Sweetest Waters
    • For the Community
    • Yisro - Honoring Parents
    • Mishpatim - Nothing but the Truth
    • Terumah - A Miniature Sanctuary
    • Tetzaveh - Kindness for All
    • Ki Sisa - From Generation to Generation
    • Don't Give Up
    • Vayakhel - An Eruv for Toronto
    • Pekudei - The Highest Bidder
    • Vayikra - For the Sake of Heaven
    • Tzav - A Spark Ignited
    • Shemini - In the Way of Aharon
    • In the Way of Moshe
    • Tazria - Like One Man, With One Heart
    • Metzora - A Man of Principle
    • Acharei - Serve Hashem With Joy
    • Kedoshim - The Case of the Missing Snack
    • A Message From Heaven
    • Emor - Teaching by Example
    • A Single Mitzvah
    • Behar - Watch Your Words
    • Buchukosai - The Blessing of Torah (I)
    • The Blessing of Torah (II)
    • Toiling in Torah
    • The Will to Live
    • Bamidbar - More Than Meets the Eye
    • Naso - Mutual Admiration
    • Beha'alosecha - Powerful Notes
    • Shelach - A Meaningful Rip
    • Korach - The Greatness of Jewish Women
    • Chukas - A Priceless Lesson
    • A Man of the People
    • Balak - The Right Words
    • Pinchas - Measure for Measure
    • Matos - Gratitude
    • Masei - The Right Surroundings
    • Devarim - With Love and Respect
    • Va'eschanan - An Act of Faith
    • Saved By the Shabbos
    • Eikev - To Go in His Ways
    • Re'eh - Friends of the Poor
    • Shoftim - Faith in Our Leaders
    • Extra Protection
    • Ki Seitzei - Two Sides of a Coin
    • Ki Savo - The Source of Plague
    • Nitzavim - Reunion
    • Choose Life
    • Vayeilech - Model Lesson
    • Ha'azinu - Fulfilling the Promise
    • Vezos HaBerachah - For One and All

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