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Vitamins for the Spirit/

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Vitamins for the Spirit
Inspiration, wisdom and the tools to use them

By Avi Shulman (Author) 
List Price: $9.99
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Catalog #: VITAP
ISBN-10: 1578194792
ISBN-13: 9781578194797
Binding: Paperback / Pages: 207
Dimensions: 5.5 x 6.5 inches / Weight: 0.46 LBS
Published: by Shaar Press

In Stock?: NO


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Avi Shulman has taught thousands of people how to look at life and see positive ways to make everything better. In this precious collection of his astute observations, he shares a wealth of wisdom in his concise and simple manner that always hits the target and makes the reader ask himself, “why didn’t I think of that?”
With lessons on assuming responsibility, setting attainable goals, creating a warm atmosphere at home, and avoiding the feeling of burnout, Vitamins for the Spirit is a joy to read and an incredible investment in your future happiness and success.

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Table of Contents

  • Thank you .
  • Introduction
  1. When You Work on Your Goals...Your Goals Work on You
  2. The Hallmark of Maturity Is Taking Responsibility
  3. The Cynic Knows the Price of Everything ... and the Value of Nothing
  4. Home Is the Place Where a Child Should Always Feel Best About Himself ... and Comfortable Enough t
  5. Everything Worthwhile Carries a Price Tag That Seems Too High
  6. Flood your Life With Ideas
  7. Burnout? Most People Haven't Even Been Lit Yet!
  8. Learn to Enjoy Taking Out the Garbage
  9. The Greatest Gift You Can Give a Child Is to See Him not as He Is, but as He Could Be and Help Him Get There
  10. Your Success in Life Will Be in Direct Proportion to What You Do Over and Above What Your Job Requires of You
  11. People Have Enough to Live on and Nothing to Live for
  12. Always Write a Name Next to a Phone Number
  13. Never Argue With a Fool in Public. People May Not Know Who the Real Fool Is.
  14. Be a Fountain of Inspiration
  15. Leave Everyone Feeling Better About Himself
  16. Learn to Swim Before You Learn to Sail
  17. You Will Never Feel Good by Making Excuses
  18. Teach Yourself to See the Rose, not the Thorn
  19. Make Many Mistakes, but Never the Same One Twice.
  20. Anything Worth Doing Is Worth Doing Poorly Until You Learn How to Do It Well
  21. Invest Two Percent of Your Income in Personal Growth
  22. Do Not Let the Perfect Spoil the Good
  23. If You Know How to Worry, You Are a Creative Thinker
  24. Most People Do Not Have Written Goals. Why? Because Without a Written Goal You Can't Fail.
  25. Are You Following the Followers?
  26. Until You Know Its Value, It Is Worthless!
  27. Expedient Routine Places Success Within Anyone's Grasp
  28. Photocopy the Contents of Your Wallet, and File the Copy
  29. Wear Out - Don't Rust Out!
  30. Never Walk on Anyone Else's Grass Regardless of Who Else Does!
  31. Never Invest in Anything You Don't Understand
  32. Great Goals Are Like Magnets
  33. It's NOT Fair!
  34. The More You Do "What You're Doing," the More You Will Get the Same as You Are Getting
  35. To Be Successful You Don't Have to Do Extraordinary Things ... Just Do Ordinary Things Extraordinarily Well!
  36. What You Think of Me, I'll Think of Me. And What I Think of Me, I'll Be.
  37. Failure Is Often the Result of a Lack of Information on How to Succeed
  38. The Fruit of Haste Is Regret
  39. There Are No Such Things as Opportunities Without Problems ... or Problems Without Opportunities
  40. You Wouldn't Be So Concerned About "What They Really Think About You'' if You Realized How Seldom They Do
  41. You Don't Fail When You Fall Unless You Fail to Get Up
  42. Don't Worry About What Is Ahead - Just Go as Far as You Can See Now, and From There You Will Be Able to See Further
  43. Man Counts the Seeds of a Fruit. The A-mighty Counts the Fruit of a Seed
  44. We Don't See Things as They Are. We See Things as We Are.
  45. We Judge Others by Their Actions, but We Want Others to Judge Us by Our Intentions
  46. Most of the Trouble in the World is Caused by People Who Want to Be Important
  47. My Most Embarrassing Moments Occur When I Am Talking Instead of Listening
  48. The Joy of Your Excellent Proofreading Will Last Long After Your Speed Has Been Forgotten
  49. Courage Is Going From Failure to Failure With Enthusiasm
  50. A Person's Enthusiasm Stands in Direct Proportion to What He Is Looking Forward to
  51. People Form Habits . And Then Habits Form People.
  52. Life Has Not Taken a Hold of You Until You Begin Doing Things That the Average Person Considers Impossible.
  53. It Is Easier for Most People to Adjust Themselves to the Hardships Involved in Making a Poor Living Than to Adjust Themselves to the Hardships Involved in Making Their Lives Better
  54. Never Be a Slave to the Tyranny of the Urgent.
  55. To Be Successful We Don't Have to Find Something New; We Need Only to Find Ways of Doing Old Things Better
  56. If Excellence Is My Goal, Then Criticism Is My Ally
  57. Don't Depend on Anyone Else for Your Happiness, Your Fulfillment, or for Your Growth
  58. For the Person Who Is Willing to Serve Before Trying to Collect . There Are Abundant Opportunities
  59. A Great Deal of Talent Is Lost to the world for Want of Courage. Talent Resides in Action.
  60. People Grow Old by Deserting Their Ideals
  61. Be Happy With What You Have While in Pursuit of What You Want
  62. What I Am to Be, I Am Now Becoming
  63. Healthy Relationships Are Usually Sweet-tempered
  64. Did You Do Your Best? If Not, Why Not?
  65. Perhaps My Life's Challenge Is to Be Humble Even When I'm Right (to Compensate for My Being Arrogant When I Am Wrong)
  66. The Power of Three-word Phrases
  67. The Mistake We Often Make Is That We Stop Working on Ourselves as Soon as We Are Doing Better.
  68. If You Don't Appreciate Your Strengths, You Can't Eliminate Your Weaknesses
  69. What You Take For Granted, Your Children Don't Even Know
  70. What You Consider a Well-deserved Luxury, Your Children Deem a Necessity
  71. Don't Buy a "Bargain In Reverse"
  72. Don't Write ... Rewrite
  73. Success Principle: Under-promise and Over-deliver
  74. Don't Ask, "What Will I Get?'' Rather Ask, "What Will I Become?"
  75. Success Comes to Those Who Refuse to Fail
  76. There Is No Glory in the Preparation to Win, but You Can't Have The Glory of the "Win" Without the Preparation.
  77. I Don't Eat Junk Food Because I Need My Body to Perform at Its Best so That I Can Perform at My Best
  78. There Is No Sadder Sight Than a Young Pessimist
  79. You Steer a Sailboat by Adjusting Its Rudders
  80. Most of the Progress Made by A Sailboat Is Against the Wind
  81. The Effectiveness of a Sailboat Is in the Coordination of the Sail and the Rudder
  82. Although There Is Never Enough Time to Do Everything, There Is Always Enough Time to Do the Most Important Thing - and To Stay With It Until It Is Done Right
  83. Don't Just Go Through Life: Grow Through It!
  84. Ask for Help - not Because You Are - Weak, but Because You Want to Remain Strong
  85. Until the Pain of Staying the Same Is Greater Than the Pain of Change, We Will Never Change
  86. Refusing to Accept Things as They Are Is What Drives A Person To Great Accomplishments
  87. On the Average, Each Person Will Experience (Either He Himself or Someone Close To Him) Several Major Tragedies
  88. Problems: Either You Just Left One, or You Are in One, or You Are Headed Toward One
  89. Just When Tou See the Light at the End of the Tunnel, They Add More Tunnel
  90. No Blame No Excuses No Complaints No Self-pity.
  91. If You're Not Actively Involved in Getting What You Want, You Don't Really Want It Enough
  92. A Wise Man Demands of Himself What a Fool Demands of Others
  93. A Wise Man Learns From His Mistakes. A Wiser Man Learns From Mistakes Made by Others.

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