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If you are registered as an associate, please Sign in  and we will update this page with your Associate ID information.

Once you become an an associate you will replace your_associates_id with the unique Associates ID that you will be assigned. You will receive an e-mail containing your unique Associates ID after your online application is approved.


Link Directly to a Specific Page

The easiest way to creat one of these links on the ArtScroll.com site is to use the Associates Widget that appears on the top of the Site when you are logged in as an associate. Click on the Link to THis Page Link" and the widget will generate the link for your that you can copy to your site.


This is how to link to a specific page on the ArtScroll.com site:


Immediately after "/link/" insert the path and name of the page you're linking to in place of path_page_name.

ArtScroll.com ArtScroll Classics Categories/ACL.html

Here's an example of how the link might look in your HTML document:

<A HREF="https://www.artscroll.com/linker/your_associates_id/link/Categories/ACL.html"> Browse ArtScroll Classics </A>

The above link would look like this: Browse ArtScroll.com ArtScroll CLassics - Try it out!

All the ArtScroll.com Associate linking methods:

  1. Method #1 - Link to the ArtScroll.com home page
  2. Method #2 - Link to a specific ArtScroll.com page
  3. Method #3 - Link to a specific ArtScroll.com product
  4. Method #4 - Add specific ArtScroll.com products directly to a shopping cart
  5. Method #5 - Easy Media Friendly ArtScroll.com Links

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