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If you are registered as an associate, please Sign in  and we will update this page with your Associate ID information.

Once you become an an associate you will replace your_associates_id with the unique Associates ID that you will be assigned. You will receive an e-mail containing your unique Associates ID after your online application is approved.


Recommend Items/Build your own ArtScroll.com Associates "Store"

You can build a store of recommended items, which will be part of your web site. Recommending individual products is a great way to increase sales. Providing quality reviews that your visitors enjoy is the best way to get repeat traffic to your site.

Once your visitors enter ArtScroll.com through your web page, They can go back and forth as often as they like and not lose the items they've placed into their shopping carts.

To link directly to specific items, you will use the format below to insert the link, and then copy images from our site to yours to insert the picture.

Step One: Create a link to our individual product page.

This is the format for inserting a link:


Replace ArtScroll_catalog_numberwith the ArtScroll catalog number you intend to link to. You will find the catalog number listed on the individual product page for each items on the ArtScroll.com site.

Here's an example of how the link might look in your HTML document:

<A HREF="https://www.artscroll.com/linker/your_associates_id/ASIN/SACH"> Buy the ArtScroll Siddur Today!</A>

Step Two: Add a Graphic.

The following example shows how the link might appear next to a book cover you obtain from our site. You can link directly to the image on the ArtScroll.com site, or copy the image to your own website for faster page loading.

Images are available in 3 sizes:

  1. A regular-sized gif that can be copied directly from the product page; or
  2. A large-sized jpg image that can be used as a zoom in image - linked from the above gif image.
  3. A thumbnail sized gif with the same name ending with _tb.gif : i.e.,
    catalog_number_lowercase_tb.gif .

    There are multiple directories for our images, each one containing all the images for the products with catalog numbers starting with the same letter of the alphabet: ie


    For example, if the catalog number is SACH - the ArtScroll Siddur, then the complete location of the thumbnail image file is


The ArtScroll Siddur Buy the ArtScroll Siddur Now!

To copy the image to your own web site, do the following:

  1. Locate the product graphic that you would like use copy.
  2. Place the pointer over the ArtScroll.com product graphic.
  3. Save it on your computer's hard drive by clicking the right mouse button (the one you don't normally use) and choosing the option to save the picture.
  4. Refer to your Internet service provider's online documentation for instructions on uploading graphics to your Web pages.

All the ArtScroll.com Associate linking methods:

  1. Method #1 - Link to the ArtScroll.com home page
  2. Method #2 - Link to a specific ArtScroll.com page
  3. Method #3 - Link to a specific ArtScroll.com product
  4. Method #4 - Add specific ArtScroll.com products directly to a shopping cart
  5. Method #5 - Easy Media Friendly ArtScroll.com Links

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