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Stories My Grandfather Told Me Volume 5 -- Devarim/

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Stories My Grandfather Told Me Volume 5 -- Devarim
Memorable Tales based on the Weekly Sidrah

By Zev Greenwald (Author) Libby Lazewnik (Translator) Tova Katz (Illustrator) 
List Price: $17.99
Online Discount: 10%
You Pay Only: $16.19

Catalog #: SG5H
ISBN-10: 1578195330
ISBN-13: 9781578195336
Binding: Hardcover / Pages: 247
Dimensions: 6 x 9 inches / Weight: 1.20 LBS
Published: by ArtScroll Mesorah Publications

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Read A Sample Chapter
A Child's Honor


You can’t go wrong with good stories -- and you can never get enough of them! That is an old but familiar story to anyone who has ever wanted an enjoyable read or needed something to enliven the Shabbos table or add spice to a conversation or speech. Here is a collection of stories that have stood the test of time -- and the much more difficult feat of keeping the interest of listeners, especially young ones.

The stories in this book come from classic and contemporary sources, and the author knows how to tell them. Needless to say, a story is like good food: The presentation is half the pleasure. The finest ingredients without spice, slapped down on an unattractive setting, will be less than appetizing. So, too, a good story. The telling is all important. This author knows it and she knows how a story should be told. That’s just one reason this book is enjoyable. The other reasons are that the stories are authentic, interesting in themselves, have a worthwhile message, and -- last but not least -- are arranged according to the weekly Sidrah, so that you have them when you need them most.

Whether you want a fine reading experience or you want to transmit valuable lessons painlessly and unobtrusively, this is a book to have in hand.

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Table of Contents

Parashas Devarim

  • A Child’s Honor
  • Horse Talk
  • The Rebbe’s Prediction
  • Always Thinking of Others
  • Pens and Ink
  • A Judge’s Wisdom
  • Justice Is Blind
  • A Greater Fear
  • First Day on the Job
  • Mud on the Scales
  • A Pile of Dirt
  • He Couldn’t Sleep
  • The Plot
Parashas Va’eschanan
  • The Clue of the Mule
  • The Final Journey
  • The Rebbe Sings
  • No Hardship at All
  • The Chasam Sofer Finds a Way
  • Listening to Mother
  • A Last Request
  • With All Your Possessions
  • He Finished Shas at Twelve
  • Timely Advice
  • The Bonus
  • The Businessman’s Tefillin
  • The Stolen Wallet
  • The Oath
  • Beyond the Letter of the Law
  • Saved From a Fall
Parashas Eikev
  • Hidden Miracles
  • Buried Treasure
  • The Test of Poverty
  • Not Really Forgotten
  • An Arrogant Heart
  • An Obedient Grandson
  • Fasters and Sinners
  • All Due Precautions
  • The Rebbe Does a Mitzvah
  • To Gladden a Widow’s Heart
  • A Four-Year-Old “Soldier”
  • A Quick Trip
  • Wise Words
  • A Good Question
  • All but Two
  • Brick By Brick
  • A Good Bargain
Parashas Re’eh
  • Setting an Example
  • The Two ‘Ki’s’
  • Kashrus at Any Price
  • Laughter on High
  • A Widow’s Livelihood
  • R’ Eliezer Lipa Negotiates
  • The Unasked Question
  • A Long Memory
  • Not a Word
  • Tzedakah: For the Giver’s Benefit
  • R’ Yisrael Joins the “Guests”
  • The Man Who Vanished
  • Each According to His Level
  • An Unforgettable Moment
  • The Widow’s Daughter
Parashas Shoftim
  • The Rebbe Arranges Matters
  • The Insult
  • An Innocent Man
  • Repairing an Oversight
  • The Elusive Saying
  • Total Concentration
  • Rules of the Game
  • Amazing Humility
  • Wondrous Bitachon
  • Sweetening the Decree
  • The Alter Stands Firm
  • The Fruit of the Tree
  • She Cut the Challah
Parashas Ki Seitzei
  • The Long-Lost Brush
  • Why R’ Nosson Danced
  • Knocking on Doors
  • The Chofetz Chaim Hosts Soldiers
  • A Permanent Sale?
  • Even for a Year
  • The Rebbe Stays for Shabbos
  • For One Jewish Daughter
  • The Silver Spoon
  • His Life Force
  • Their Day’s Wages
  • Stand in His Shoes
  • The Unintentional Mitzvah
  • The Rebbe’s Coat
  • The Scales Are Witness
  • A Table and a Ruler
  • Feather Quills
Parashas Ki Savo
  • The Imam’s Letter!
  • A Joyous Life
  • Like His Own Children
  • The Scent of a Mitzvah
  • R’ Nachum Disappears
  • How the Kosover Rebbe Prayed
  • The Short Shabbos Meal
  • The Man Who Stayed Home
  • Sudden Panic
  • No Effort Spared
  • Walking in His Ways
  • All in the Head
  • False Pretenses
  • Confusion
  • True Fear of Sin
  • Davening in the Death Camp
Parashas Nitzavim
  • Know Before Whom You Stand
  • The Servant and the Minister
  • Suffering in Silence
  • The Candle Burns
  • From the Ends of the Earth
  • Talking To Himself?
  • From the Mouth to the Heart
  • Question and Answer
  • News From the Front
  • One Precious Minute
  • A Gift From Hashem
  • No Strength?
Parashas Vayeilech
  • The “Tenth” Man
  • R’ Baruch’s Letter
  • A Most Unusual Mishloach Manos
  • Why His Eyes Could See
  • The Children’s Dance
  • The Path to the Heart
  • The Best Student of All
  • “It Has Cost Us Dearly”
  • R’ Chaim Shmulevitz’s Journey
Parashas Ha’azinu
  • An Unquenchable Thirst
  • Find Me a Minyan!
  • A Little Boy’s Problem
  • Hide and Seek
  • The Bar Mitzvah Suit
  • Seder Night With the Ba’al Shem Tov
  • A Different Perspective
  • The Slammed Door
  • The Clock
  • All a Man Needs
  • The “Professor”
  • The Illegal Funeral
  • Amazing Memory
  • The Choice
  • R’ Salman Makes a Kiddush Hashem
Parashas Vezos Haberachah
  • Hungry for Torah
  • Not in the Budget
  • Word for Word
  • Precious Nights
  • R’ Chaim’s Seudas Mitzvah
  • The Donation
  • A Remarkable Old Age

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