By Rabbi Yehuda Heimowitz (Author) Rabbi Shai Markowitz (Joint Author)

The Six Constant Mitzvos - Pocket Size Paperback

Based on a Series of Lectures by Rabbi Yitzchok Berkowitz
By Rabbi Yehuda Heimowitz (Author) Rabbi Shai Markowitz (Joint Author)

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Anytime. Anywhere. The six mitzvos that every Jew can, and must, fulfill. The six mitzvos that can, and will, change our lives.

The classic work Sefer HaChinuch lists six mitzvos that a Jew is commanded to constantly fulfill, without a stop. Yet how is it possible to fulfill even one mitzvah, let alone six, every moment, every second of our lives?

The 6 Constant Mitzvos shows us that the mandate to fulfill these commandments is not an impossible task. Through stories, real-life practical examples, inspirational insights, and a deep understanding of Torah thought, the authors explain how we can create within ourselves an awareness of these vital beliefs, an awareness that will be reflected in our every action.

Based on a series of lectures by noted scholar Rabbi Yitzchak Berkowitz, co-author of A Lesson a Day, the groundbreaking work on shemiras halashon, The 6 Constant Mitzvos is a book that will transform the way we live our lives.

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Release Date : 01/05/2011
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Language: English
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