By Rabbi Dovid Orlofsky (Author) Avraham Gindi (Adapted by)

Everyone's Entitled to My Opinion

The Wisdom and Wit of Rabbi Dovid Orlofsky
By Rabbi Dovid Orlofsky (Author) Avraham Gindi (Adapted by)

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Fascinating Torah insights. Practical advice for living. (And a lot of laughter...)
Welcome to Rabbi Dovid Orlofsky's wonderful world.

Rabbi Dovid Orlofsky is a one-of-a-kind phenomenon in the world of Jewish thought. A globe-trotting speaker and beloved teacher, he takes a blunt, honest, always wise and often very funny look at our lives as observant Jews. He finds what's wrong and shows us how to make it right. He inspires us to reach higher than we ever believed we could, just by doing just a little bit more, becoming a little bit better.

This collection features some of Rabbi Orlofsky’s most popular shiurim, carefully adapted for print in a way that keeps his unique voice.

If you've ever heard Rabbi Orlofsky speak, you'll know how transformative - and entertaining -- his shiurim are. And if you haven't yet had the privilege of hearing him, prepare for an exhilarating experience that will show you how to live better, live higher, and be the best Jew you can be.

His shiurim include:

  • The Power of Tefilah
  • The Path to Happiness
  • A More Meaningful Life
  • Raising Successful Children
  • Practical Suggestions for a Happy Home
  • The Secret of Shabbos and other vital topics!

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