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Tehillim /Psalms - Ganz Digital Edition Of the Schottenstein Interlinear Edition (Apple/Android Version)

Dedicated by The Ganz Family

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The ArtScroll Interlinear Tehillim - now in an interactive digital format.

  • Word by Word Interlinear Translation
  • Classic Commentary connected to the corresponding phrases
  • Classic ArtScroll fonts and layout that can be dynamically enlarged
  • References In the commentary are hyperlinked to source in the Talmud
  • Weekly and Monthly - Daily Tehillim Cycles dynamically show you what you need to say for that day - based on Dynamic Jewish Calendar Calculations
  • Add your own notes, highlights and bookmarks
  • Tehillim Psalms Special Days - Dynamically show the special Tehillim for that day based on Either the Siddur Avodas Yisrael, Bais Yaacov or Maase Rav
  • Tehillim for Special Occasions
  • Alphabetical Listing of Tehillim

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Format : App Digital Library
Published By : ArtScroll Mesorah Publications
Max Order Limit : 1
Prayer Book Type: Interlinear
Language: Hebrew/English
Apple IOS Version: 900
Android Version: 158
Kindle Version: 160
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