By Rabbi Zelig Pliskin (Author)

Building Your Self-Image

and the self-image of others
By Rabbi Zelig Pliskin (Author)

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This book can change your life. And the life of your spouse, your children, your friends and your employees.

Every success story begins with a positive attitude. This book will show you how you can maintain a winning state of mind ù and how you can instill a sense of confidence in those around you. And that is sure to improve your life; physically, emotionally and spiritually.

For decades, Rabbi Zelig Pliskin has been motivating people to believe in themselves and to realize their potential. As a counselor, he has transformed the lives of hundreds; through his books and lectures, he has motivated and inspired many thousands. Rabbi Pliskin explains the emotional dynamics of success. He shares insights and stories. Most importantly, he gives us practical tips on how to believe in ourselves ù and how we can get others to believe in themselves.

From recognizing our abilities and appreciating our talents to coping with setbacks and and dealing with failures, this book has it all.

"A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step." This book is the first step that can lead you and those around you to new heights of fulfillment

Hear the inspiring, energetic interview with Rabbi Zelig Pliskin as he discusses "Building Your Self-Image" with Gavriel Sanders.  To listen, click HERE(.wma audio file)

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