By Libby Lazewnik (Author)


The Starlight Sisters - volume 2

Penny's Story: True Blue
By Libby Lazewnik (Author)

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Four girls.

Four dreams.

Four stars.

"The worst day of my life started out like any other day in my new school. In other words—almost perfect.”

And why shouldn’t life be just perfect for Penny Kellman? She’s in an incredible and unique school that offers super-talented girls a high-level Bais Yaakov education together with intensive training in dance, music, and song. She’s an okay student and has three much-more-than-okay best friends. And with an upcoming performance in Philadelphia and – YES!— a scheduled performance later in the year in London, her only worries are getting every note of the song she’ll be playing on her flute absolutely correct.

Totally, a perfect life. Until ... it’s not.

No spoiler alerts here. We’re not revealing the catastrophe that threatens to engulf poor Penny, drowning her in a sea of secrets and misery. But we can tell you that True Blue is a story of loyalty and courage. Of dreams and hope and, of course, friendship.

A story of four girls and the starlight that they share with the world.

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Format : Paperback
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Published By : ArtScroll Mesorah Publications
Release Date : 06/03/2024
Size : Standard
Age Range: Childrens - 10 - 12
Language: English
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