By Rabbi Yissocher Frand (Author)

We're All In This Together

Essays on the challenges that unite us
By Rabbi Yissocher Frand (Author)

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The voice heard round the world…

Why do people the world over flock to hear Rabbi Yissocher Frand's words and ideas? Why do thousands — sometimes tens of thousands — find the time in their overscheduled lives to listen to one of the most popular speakers in the Torah world?

Is it the humor? The spot-on stories that illustrate the points being made? The understanding of the challenges facing our society — and each and every one of us? The creative, out-of-the-box solutions Rabbi Frand finds to meet those challenges?

Is it the feeling that we’re hearing wisdom here, and truth, combined with a deep and sincere love for every Jew?

The answer is — yes to all of the above. When Rabbi Frand speaks, people listen, because what he says is what we need to hear.

We're All in This Together takes Rabbi Frand's inimitable voice and turns it into readable, engaging and wise essays. Whether he is filling out a "report card" on Jewish life today (and finding solutions to some of the failing grades!), giving advice on how to keep our children happy with a Torah lifestyle, or figuring out how to deal with the increasing narcissism of a world that’s obsessed with "I" and not "you" — here is Rabbi Frand at his eloquent best.

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